Watching the best Minecraft Speedrun so far! (Ninja Brain)

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Watching the best Minecraft Speedrun so far! (Ninja Brain) | RSG any% Minecraft Speedrunning.
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In this video I will be analyzing and reacting to Ninjabrains insane minecraft speedrun that happened today! This run was the best paced run so far(to my knowledge). The reason I say that is because of the time the blind travel was. In my opinion once you exit the nether at this time it is all up to RNG to decide if you get World Record or not. From the blind travel distance to the stronghold layout to the dragon perch everything from the moment you leave the nether is RNG dependent. (for top runners). Anyways I hope this video was educational and I would be happy to hear your constructive criticism.

Overworld: (0:00)
Enter Nether: (3:16)
Bastion Split: (3:34)
Fortress Split: (5:40)
Blind Travel/Stronghold Triangulation: (7:20)
Stronghold routing/End Entry: (11:30)

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