Far Cry New Dawn, Sacred Lumber, undetected, no bullets fired!

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I am currently running a personal challenge as I have never seen anybody else attempt. I did it in Far Cry 3 and am now doing it in Far Cry New Dawn: play all the way through a first person shooter without ever carrying a bullet firing gun.
On another level, my personal goal in Far Cry games is to ALWAYS get the outpost undetected. Doing that over and over again without firing any bullets is not easy. I can do this outpost in 3 minutes with my dog and a sniper rifle while the bow and arrow and dog took me over 16 minutes to accomplish undetected.
It's quite the challenge but I'm doing it very well.
Side note on the video quality: I stream in 720p, because my ISP blows, but I record in 1080p. I've been streaming in 720 for so long that I've added HD textures to improve it and, of course, since 720 allows me more VRAM to work with. Well, I recorded this instead of streaming so I changed everything to 1080 but I forgot to remove the HD textures so I see now that the playback is a bit choppy. Still worth a watch, if you ask me. Enjoy!
Far Cry New Dawn
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