DOWN to my LAST $50! 3-Reel Looser Then smacked “675 Free GAMES” ! Grab Popcorn for this One! ??????

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Hi! Happy Sunday????

Grab a soda and popcorn for this one. I landed a 50 minute bonus round with 675 free games! ????????????

So this episode i had a tough run on the old school and three reels slots, so I decided to spend my last $50 on Kilimanjaro. And so glad i did! I smacked 675 free games. The bonus round lasted forever! ???? but after loosing it was totally worth the long successful bonus! Kilimanjaro has saved my casino trips so many times and im glad it came through for me once again!

Take care everyone and thanks for watching my videos!

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Please note i use my own money to make these videos for entertainment purposes only! If you decide to gamble set a budget. Gambling is always a loosing proposition. Not a life choice.
If you have a gambling addiction please seek help.

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